8teen ☆  nonbinary  afro-iranian  raver 🌀  ++ queer   nd  irl angel 🪽  capricorn
i still go by cvltprty on some platforms
→ free the world 🌎


before you interact
i’m not a minor, i’m 18. i may interact with nsfw content but i don’t post/repost it. this is never an invitation to send/ask for nudes.
do not interact
not pro palestine, twinks, if you interact with any ed/sh spaces, lil darkie fans, lana del rey fans, any bigot


+ +
money o(≧▽≦)o, horror media, black cats, coffee w oat milk, thick eyeliner, raves, spikes, vivienne westwood, tattoos
- -
swifties, twinks, being broke, white nail polish, peanut butter, unnecessary discourse, “wiccans” (anyone who uses closed practices that aren’t theirs)


artists ♪
o-hum, ballgard, limp bizkit, system of a down, flyleaf, kidneythieves, garbage
♯ playlists & albums
diamond eyes
ravin ☆
results may vary
unnamed emo playlist